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How Do Bonds Work?

How Do Bonds Work?

Typically, a bail amount is set by the local court jurisdiction following the arrest of a defendant. This is to allow the defendant to be released from custody until his or her judicial proceedings begin. In many cases, trials can begin weeks or months after an initial arrest. This means that, if not for bail, many people (some of whom might be innocent) would have to wait in jail until that time. This is an issue for many reasons. First, it could present serious financial hardship because the defendant wouldn't be able to work for that period of time. Beyond that, he or she would be missing out on daily life- family, holidays and other events. Bail money acts as a way to assure the judge and prosecution that the defendant will appear for trial.

A family member, a close friend, or sometimes the defendant will contact a bail agent to arrange for the posting of the bail bond. The family member or friend that is guaranteeing the bond, also known as the indemnitor or co-signer, will complete paperwork and pay the premium, which is a percentage of the bond amount. By signing the paperwork, the indemnitor is guaranteeing that he or she will pay the full amount of the bond if the defendant fails to appear in court.

A judge will usually set the bail amount, taking into account the county schedule and particular details of the case. When you pay a percentage of this, sometimes the bail agent will require collateral to secure the guarantee of the bond and ensure the defendant's appearance in court. Collateral is anything of value that is pledged to secure the bond, such as cash, property, jewelry, etc. Upon complete resolution of the defendant's case and payment of all premiums in full, the collateral is returned.

What is a bail?

Bail is the tool that the courts use to make sure that defendant arrives at court for their proceedings when they are supposed to. At the first arrest, bail is set by the judge depending on what crime the defendant has been charged with, and whether the judge considers the defendant to be a "flight risk".

A defendant is not considered a "flight risk" if he or she:

  • Is well established within the community
  • Has a job
  • Has many family members within the community

Once bail is posted, often times, families or friends cannot afford to pay for bail. At this point they will call a bondsman who will be given some form of collateral so that the defendant will do everything he or she needs to do for the court. The bondsman and the indemnitor will pledge to the court that the defendant will perform all of his or her proper duties.

For the judicial proceedings, if the defendant fulfilled all of his or her responsibilities, the defendant or the indemnitor will only need to pay the bondsman for his fee (that was paid before the proceedings) and not the entire bail. However, if the defendant "skips bail" then the indemnitor will need to pay the entire bail. The defendant will usually do everything that he or she needs to do, so that the indemnitor will not have to pay the entire bail.

How We Can Help?

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